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Professional Massage Therapist Blake specializes in Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage with a focus on athletes and bodybuilders. All skill levels from beginner to professional have their own unique needs because of the excessive and often extreme training regimes that they put their bodies through. He works heavily with joint mobility, flexibility, and injury recovery. Bookable Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with alternating Sundays, so set your massages in coordination with your sports or competition schedule!


She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2009. Bianca is passionate about helping people reconnect with their body, mind and soul. Bianca loves to see her clients consecutively over periods of time to build upon each session, going a bit deeper into points of focus to really heal the body on a more substantial level. She likes to not only work on the physical needs of each of her client but also to work on areas in their day-to-day lives where they can reduce stress, and incorporate movement. Achieving balance and relieving stress within our systems, in her belief, requires a consistent and holistic approach to healing. Bookable Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.


Julia is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) of 6 years who has obtained training in Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Facilitation, Cupping, and Structural work that pairs well with Chiropractic care. Julia is also the creator of the podcast Your Story Your Voice (YSYV) a podcast for survivors of physical and mental abuse. Her goal is to teach others how to reconnect with oneself to safely rebuild boundaries. In doing so she hopes to give those who have a story a voice to match. When Julia is not being a very busy and sought after health and wellness / design professional, she can be found working on canvas pieces, photography, or music.


It is Ki’Arra’s intention to listen fully to the client; what they are asking for and what their body is telling her. She loves seeing the stress come off of a person: seeing the transformation from when they arrive to when they leave. It is her goal for all of her clients to feel a sense of ease, peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation when they work with her. Ki’Arra is bookable in the evenings from 3pm-7pm.


In this fast-paced world, to me, it’s important to lead a life where time can slow down, and Massage Therapy has provided that opportunity to me. Combining art and science, in my techniques to keep the flow of relaxation while targeting areas of discomfort and pain, allowing the muscles of each client to communicate with my hands to achieve a successful therapy session with you. "Se Habla Español"


My massage is always focused on healing. Whether muscle tension or stress, it is my goal to provide relief. With two certifications in Contemporary Cupping Methods, I can educate clients while applying ancient and scientific therapies. With ample education and experience in Deep Tissue and Swedish massage I can manipulate fascia with a therapeutic touch. It is my goal to apply individualized - customizable massage and therapies that work for you. Massage is self-care and a celebration, feel your best as often as possible and book that service! Bookable Tues & Saturday.


Chelsey, our owner and founder, is the mastermind behind Ideal Massage’s core mission of providing high quality, therapeutic care with lasting results. As the heartbeat of the business, she’s working diligently as both our Business Manager and part time Massage Therapist.


Who knew something so simple as eyelash extensions would make such a difference to a woman’s attitude and self confidence? The confidence boost my clients get from realizing they no longer need makeup to leave the house is so empowering!” I am available for extensions, fills, or removal! I look forward to making you feel like your most confident self!